Oct 29, 2015

The birth of a spicy, balsalmic legend:  Is That Blood? 

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El Jefe knows about the amazing connection with nature that can occur when a man goes underwater and explores a whole new world. Now, he will guide you on an epic journey of flavor. 

El Jefe, Founder

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Our staff of expert sauce creators can help you move from novice to advanced, keeping you salivating all along the way. 

  • This Doesn't Go In the Oven
  • The Drifter's Secret
  • Is That Blood?
  • Moderately French
  • ‚ÄčAt Work, I'm Medicated
  • Stink Angel (of death)
  • and more! 

Hot Sauce, Bitch.

El Jefe, our Founder, was on a diving trip to Maui with his family when his life was forever changed.

He became enamored with a natural, organic and colorful world he vowed would become his life.  And today El Jefe is devoted to sharing his experience -- through hot sauce.

Our Sauces:

Oct 17, 2015

We celebrate the launch of  two signature sauces, The Drifter's Secret and This Doesn't Go In the Oven .