Hot Sauce, Bitch.

'The Drifter'

Our resident adventurer travels to the far reaches of the ocean every year.  Then, he smokes all of our peppers (he can smoke a habanero like none other).

About Us

El Jefe

The man who deserves all the credit, the man with the vision, the boss. El Jefe enjoys spreading sauce & love - even to baby sharks.


Have a heat phobia? No fear! Elliot is a certified hot sauce master! His sweet, balsamic creations will convert you to a hot sauce believer!


"Unlimited luxury -- expect nothing less."

El jefe, Founder

Our Staff

Meet the folks behind the sauce!

Founded in 2015, El Jefe's venture hot sauce company was the result of one amazing diving trip off the coast of Maui.  Enveloped by a myriad of colorful, evasive treasures unknown to most of humanity, El Jefe vowed to uncover that same vibrance and share it with the world. Now, let us help you discover the untamed beauty of the habanero, its evasive, tempestuous powers and its mystery.

From classic, fresh & simple flavors to complex, fine-crafted specialty sauces, we're here to show you some of the most epic flavor profiles on the market.  And from El Jefe's experience comes a sincere passion and an unwavering confidence. Your satisfaction is his pleasure.


She started out as a student, and now she's one of our instructors. She also runs the flavor lab.  Trish knows sauce.