Hot Sauce, Bitch.


Get stoked! These premium hot sauces are close to perfect (but not perfect - yet).  Flavors in the works include:

  • Mmmmmbai

  • Purple Jazz Muppet

  • Dirty River Fish

  • ​Poppa Chubby

  • It's Too Breathy

  • Guppy Frog 

  • Little Dutch Boy Ketchup 


  • The Drifter's Secret

Home base of our hot sauces - habaneros, garlic, lime & epic flavors.

  • This Doesn't Go in the Oven

 Don't do it.  It doesn't go there.  Smoked habaneros, serranos & fresnos with a hint of chipotle & lime. Mmmm.

  • Is That Blood?

Not at all.  It's a balsamic-infused, habanero dream.  Our classiest, most luxurious hot sauce to-date.

  • Moderately French

The Drifter's signature habanero blend + a hint of sweetness -- yet another of the Drifter's most coveted secrets.

  • At Work, I'm Medicated

A balsalmic-infused classic habanero & serrano blend. Amplified for the working man, an ideal high-end palate pleaser.

  • Whoa, Whoa, Whoa - Is that a Ghost?

​Smoked habaneros, lime, garlic & whoa... a.k.a. ghost peppers.

  • Stink Angel (of death)

California Reapers, Smoked habaneros, lime, garlic & whoa.... "This one might hurt, my friends." - El Jefe